From the first appointment to the last step, we will strive to help you pave your own path to self-discovery while being there every step of the way

Getting Started

During your first appointment at Insight, you should plan to discuss a bit of history about why you are seeking treatment and how the challenge/s you are facing is/are impacting your life. Your clinician will ask you what goals you have for therapy and work to get to know you as a unique individual. You will be asked to complete some simple paperwork prior to your first session.

Moving Forward

The first appointment is usually about 45 – 60 minutes.  Follow-up sessions might be weekly or biweekly based on your schedule and the treatment plan as designed by you and your therapist.

Working With Your Therapist

Each therapist at Insight brings his or her own unique experience and approach to treatment.  It is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist.  Be sure to ask your therapist any relevant questions you may have in order feel confident in developing a working therapeutic relationship.

Location Options

Regular sessions are held at the Insight offices in both the Newton and Brookline locations.  Each office has a different look/feel but all are designed for comfort and confidentiality.

Home visits offer you both convenience and confidentiality. There are also opportunities for your therapist to see you and your family in your home environment, and for them to better understand your situation. Home visits can be arranged upon request; however, this service is not covered by insurance and is paid for out-of-pocket.

Ready to take the first step?

Feel free to Contact us using our secure on-line form. We'll be more than happy to answer any questions or schedule an appointment at your request.

If you have already scheduled an appointment, you can access important Materials and Forms that you will need to complete on your first visit.