Reference Information

Prior to your first appointment, be sure to review the following documents that detail your rights as a client, privacy policies and how to manage a grievance. 

Intake Forms

After making an initial appointment with an Insight therapist, please print out and complete the forms below and bring to your first appointment. You can pre-fill the forms electronically and bring printed copies, or fill them out by hand after printing them out. You should also bring a photocopy of the front and back of your insurance card, if you are using insurance. 

Please remember that completing the paperwork prior to your appointment will allow you more time in your first appointment to talk with your therapist. 

Personal Health Information

If you would like your therapist to speak with a third party (such as a doctor, another therapist or prescriber), please print and sign the form below. If you do not have any third parties you would like your therapist to speak to, there is no need to print and complete these forms