"Finding just the right therapist can be a stressful process, but when you find one, it can be an exciting time for growth and change.  I believe that therapy is a personal gift to yourself as you raise awareness and grow in meaningful ways.  Whether you are seeking therapy because you are at a crossroads about your future, having relationship concerns, struggling with moods, or just trying to understand your past or present life, the therapy experience must bring you a sense of safety and comfort. I am deeply committed to offering a non-judging, accepting and safe experience."


Sex and Intimacy/  Kink and Fetish/  Infidelity/  Fertility and Infertility/  Surrogacy - Egg or Sperm Donation/  Adoption   /  GLBTQQIAA Life and Family/  Marriage and Divorce/  Men's Issues/  Military/  Relationship Communication/  Life Change/  Clinical Supervision