I am a licensed psychologist with about 8 year’s of work experience. My work includes meeting with children (3 – 18), adolescents and adults. While working with children, I do a lot of play therapy, use art and even board games to help create a fun and safe environment for them to express their originality, thoughts and feelings. I also guide children and adolescents to navigate their social environment, help parents and the school team to create a safer environment for children to thrive, socially, academically and interpersonally. Making meaning of children’s play is used to understand their inner world. When sitting with adolescents and adults, talk therapy is useful in understanding your thought process and feelings, and how you connect your surroundings. Whether it is children, adolescents or adults, I help individuals work through their emotional turmoil, assisting them in learning to control their actions and reactions, or processing traumatic experiences.

My education and training has helped me incorporate many different therapeutic theories and techniques to help individuals understand the self;
what you are about, what affects you to think, feel, act and react. Once that feels accomplish, I will be able to introduce different self-soothing strategies to help you stay calm and whole. And, help you find ways to incorporate these techniques to better your life.

My cultural background also allows me to encompass the concept of cultural awareness and sensitivity into my work. Having this ability helps me be curious about your life and your background. My training has helped me become a culturally competent consultant to different service providers in the Quincy area, serving the Asian American and Asian Immigrant population.
— Aileen


  • Master of Bachelors in Psychology, Boston University

  • Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology, Massachusetts of Professional Psychology

  • Licensed Psychologist #9692

  • Chairperson of AsianLink Coalition

  • Coordinator of Asian Community Counseling Program, South Shore Mental Health

  • Supervisor

  • Part of the research team at Boston University School of Social Work Asian-American Women’s Health Initiative Project


  • Parenting Workshop to Chinese Immigrant Parents

  • Cultural Competency Training


  • 617-899-2092

Payment Accepted

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield

  • Harvard Pilgrim 

  • United Behavioral Health

  • Aetna

  • Tufts

  • Self Pay (I do have a sliding scale for those who are financially challenged)

  • Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Discover